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How much does it cost

What are the costs of Home Care?

The funding options around Home Care are complex and often confusing.  You may be entitled to funded care from the Local Authority, we can deliver, but in order to know if and what you are entitled to, you would need to have a care assessment undertaken.

You will have a Personal Budget that is calculated by the Local Authority based on –

  • Your care needs assessment
  • A financial assessment that looks at your income, savings etc
  • The costs of providing the care you need

It is up to you how you use your personal budget and it can be managed on your behalf by the Local Authority, a third provider such as a care provider or you can have Direct Payments which are paid directly into a bank account specifically set up to receive your personal budget. A Personal Budget allows you greater choice on the care and providers you use.

We can help you navigate all these options and explain them clearly to you and your family so you can make an informed choice about the type of care you receive. This is too important a decision to not be armed with all the information on which to base your decision.

LQCS deliver both funded care through our Local Authority contract and also private, self-funded care. To find out more please call us on 01472 347285, we are happy to explain the options