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Social Care

Social Care can provide the support to improve the quality of life for someone living alone

Social isolation is a real and growing issue as our population ages and the extended family increasingly moves away. Causes include illness or health problems that are making it difficult to leave the house, or it may be the loss of a significant other that has resulted in a lack of contact with other people and society.

Social Care can help by providing company and someone to talk to or help doing the every-day activities of life such as going shopping or attending appointments and social activities. And, if you ever need additional care such as personal care, we can tailor your care plan to provide as much support as you need to ensure you retain your independence and wellbeing.

If you are a family member that is worried about a parent or relative that you don’t live near to, we can provide the peace of mind that they are being looked after.

If you would like to find out more about the Social Care services we can provide, please call on 01472 347285 or contact us